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Fr. Peter's Corner

Stewardship 2019

Dear Fellow Stewards of Holy Cross,

Years ago, Presbytera and I started a monthly tithe, even when it seemed most difficult, if not impossible. It has been, for me and my family, a guide to giving in every way. Whether it is financially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, or physically, giving to our Lord one tenth and keeping ninety percent has revealed a great truth… I cannot out give the Lord’s generosity to me. 

Holy Cross is a special church for us and all our family. We are truly blessed with so much, and I witness, each day, how much we truly give as a community. So, I know that you are generous in your stewardship giving to Holy Cross.

As we close this year of 2019 I ask that every family fulfill their pledge for this year and give prayerful consideration for the 2020 pledge. For those who may have forgotten to make this important commitment, I ask that you give your stewardship contribution of $1500 for this year which is equal to the minimum pledge to Holy Cross of $125 per month for 2019. With this amount we will be able to take care of the needs of the church without any other special projects or other special fundraisers. I ask you also to prayerfully consider your pledge for 2020. In a few weeks all of our stewards will be ask to fill out their pledge card and/or make their commitment before the close of this year.

You may choose to fill out the stewardship form provided and mail it in the Church Office or you may make your pledge online through our website or by mobile phone. Whatever way you choose, I am grateful for your prayers and your family’s participation in so many aspects of our parish community life.

May our Lord continue to bless you and our community, the faithful stewards of our beloved Church of the Holy Cross. With deepest appreciation and profound thanks, I remain

In His Service,
Father Peter G. Salmas

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