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Studies in the Faith

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." (Psalms 119:11)

The goal of our classes is to bring us together to study the scriptures and writings of the Fathers so that we may learn to treasure them in our hearts and live out our faith meaningfully and effectively. We hope to integrate ourselves in this way into the life of the Church in order to be transformed into holy people of God and not sin against Him.

Bible Study and Studies in the Faith meet weekly for presentations and discussion on the Scriptures, Orthodox tradition and theological teaching of faith and practice. Under the capable instruction of Konstantine Salmas, MDiv. from Holy Cross Theological School in Brookline, Mass., the teachings of the Church are clarified by reading Scripture and the Church Fathers for daily inspiration, direction, and witness. Participants include those seeking greater knowledge and understanding of the Eastern Orthodox Church as well as those desiring baptism and or confirmation in Orthodoxy.

The following is from a text we have studied, pulled from a sermon of Saint John Chrysostom on Christ's conversation with Nicodemus regarding rebirth:

Remove thyself from that which is common and familiar; a different kind of childbirth bring I into the world; in another manner will I have men to be generated: I have come to bring a new manner of Creation. I formed (man) of earth and water; but that which was formed was unprofitable, the vessel was wrenched awry; I will no more form them of earth and water, but 'of water' and "of Spirit."

Come and join us for Bible study each Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM or for Studies in the Faith on Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Studies in the Faith continues to meet during Great Lent. If you would like more information about these classes, please contact Konstantine Salmas (

We are currently studying the Gospel of Saint John in our Bible Study, with supplementary material by Saint Augustine.

Studies in the Faith is reading material from Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Leo Bishop of Rome, and Saint Augustine focused on the Ecumenical Councils. The following is an excerpt from Saint Augustine: "the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us." The strength of Christ created thee, the weakness of Christ created thee anew. The strength of Christ caused that to be which was not: the weakness of Christ caused that what was should not perish. He fashioned us by His strength, He sought us by His weakness(Nice and Post-Nicene Fathers, Volume 7)."


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We are a Greek Orthodox church united in communion with all other Eastern Orthodox churches.


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