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Divine Services
Sunday Services
 - Orthros: 8:45 AM
 - Divine Liturgy: 10:00 AM
 Weekdays (when scheduled)
 - Orthros: 8:00 AM
 - Divine Liturgy: 9:00 AM
Great Vespers
 - Saturday at 5:30 PM
Dear Stewards of Holy Cross,

With 2017 nearly half over I offer my profound thanks to all of our Stewards who have made their yearly financial pledge offering supporting our community as we preach the Word of God and minister to many including the welcoming of new families to Holy Cross.  

It is with excitement and joy that I  thank you for making such a sacrificial and important gift. I also ask that you take a few moments to pray and think about the monetary pledge you make for our parish, either through our website, or by filling out the pledge form you received by mail, pledging in faith your financial commitment to Holy Cross for 2017. It represents you and your love for our Lord and His Church of the Holy Cross.

Yes, all of us feel the challenge to meet our daily obligations. But we also do so as we witness our Lord’s miraculous and lifesaving interventions daily. Placing our church parish at the top of our financial priority list tells God that we consider His love and care most important.  For it is through the stewardship that we are called by God to offer, that we express our genuine love and dedication to Him.  In so doing, we continue to receive His grace, mercy, and abundant and compassionate care a hundred-fold. 

I encourage those families who still have not made their financial pledge to Holy Cross to do so today.  It is important for you, your family, and your parish family. We all collectively make our parish strong and vibrant.

Thank you for your prayerful commitment that helps sustain our parish and collectively strengthens our commitment to serve Him who has sacrificed so much for us.

Monday, May 22 – 6 PM, Matins, 7 PM, Divine Liturgy @ Stanford Memorial Church.  Our Holy Cross Chanters and Adult Choir will chant the Matins and offer the responses in the Divine Liturgy. A reception will follow for all who attend.
Wednesday, May 24 – Holy Ascension Vespers – Ascension Cathedral, Oakland - 6:00 PM
Thursday, May 25 – Holy Ascension – 8 AM, Orthros; 9 AM, Divine Liturgy
Saturday, May 27 – 5:30 PM, Great Vespers
Sunday, May 28 – Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council - Ordination of Deacon Athanasios Felactu to the Priesthood - 8:45 AM, Orthros, 10:00 AM, Divine Liturgy
Monday, May 29 - Theodosia of Tyre - 8 AM, Orthros; 9 AM, Divine Liturgy
Tuesday, May 30 - Isaakios - 8 AM, Orthros; 9 AM, Divine Liturgy
Wednesday, May 31 - Hermias the Martyr - 8 AM, Orthros; 9 AM, Divine Liturgy
Thursday, June 1 - Justin the Martyr - 8 AM, Orthros; 9 AM, Divine Liturgy
Friday, June 2 - Nikephoros - 8 AM, Orthros; 9 AM, Divine Liturgy
Saturday, June 3 - Saturday of Souls - 8 AM, Orthros; 9 AM, Divine Liturgy
Saturday, June 3 - Great Vespers - 5:30 PM, Great Vespers
Sunday, June 4 - Holy Pentecost - 8:45 AM, Orthros; 10 AM, Divine Liturgy

Attention All Acolytes: You may serve on Sundays when your group is not assigned, but on non-assigned days you must go to Religious Education after communion. If you are assigned, then all remain in the altar through the end of the Liturgy, include the memorial service.  All groups are called to be there for: Thanksgiving Sunday, Christmas Eve, Saturday of Lazarus and Holy Week. 

If you wish to serve in the Altar, please contact Tom Felactu. Click here for schedule: ACOLYTE.docx





Please check with your leader or co-leader for the current schedule.
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